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SARMS, abbreviation of Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators is a substance not too old. It can be said that it is still in its infantry stage and much work is yet to be carried out to reveal the wonders of this substance. Up till now SARMS are found to be very useful as an alternative to androgen therapy and can be used in treating diseases for which anabolic steroids were used. It is a breakthrough since it helps the users/patients without posing potential side effects caused by steroids usage.

Looking at the marvelous properties of SARMS it is believed that it will change the future of bodybuilding and there is much possibility that it will replace steroids.  It is no doubt superior to steroids however much is yet to be revealed. So far two profiles of SARMS, Ostarine and LGD-3303 have been found, out of which Ostarine, more commonly known as S-4, is more popular.

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Ostarine or S-4

Ostarine or S-4 possesses same properties as anabolic steroids with same ability to fuel the androgen receptors and hence producing the similar results as that produced by anabolic steroids. Though it is not an anabolic steroid but it is far better when it comes to the results. It increases muscle mass and bone density in its users and this is the reason it is used by patients of osteoporosis and AIDS, the diseases that are known to waste muscles and weaken bones in the affectees. Among body builders SARMS S-4 has become very popular and many have tried it without being affected by the side effects. As for its dosage different athletes have tried different dosages out of which 100 mg before workouts is found to work the best whereas 100 mg on days when there are no workouts. It can be used along with steroids or as stand-alones and are mostly used by athletes in pre-contest cycles.


LGD-3303 is another SARMS profile which is not yet available in the market. It’s in its too early stage of development and no chemical formula has been assigned to it yet. It is not yet been used on humans but is believed to help osteoporosis and AIDS patients as it help increase muscles growth. Though it is only tried on rodents yet but the results are promising for body building circles too. It is believed that LGD-3303 has capacity to do miracles for humans in terms of increased muscle size and a figure they always wanted to have.

Since SARMS have only received body builder’s attention recently their availability in the market is limited. Though there are no counterfeits yet but looking at the growing demand of SARMS it can be expected soon. Many suppliers are trying to copy the formula and produce something similar to it however there is no guarantee as to how effective those counterfeits would be. While purchasing SARMS much attention needs to be paid to the quality because its human use in research circles is negligible which makes results suspicious however the people who have tried it have great experiences with it as they shared no or very few side effects and great gains.