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SARMS s4 Dosage

SARMS S-4 is one of the best Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators according to steroid users, as it is perfect for bridging. Bridging is the 'in-between' phase of steroid use where one needs to restore the natural supply of hormones in the body, which had been disrupted by the use of steroids. Some of the positive effects of using SARMS S-4 include improvement of muscle growth in the user although this is not exactly a steroid. Lean muscle mass is the most important, especially for those who are in sports that require a lot of speed. Exercise needs to be part of the big picture, so one needs to accompany this with exercise as well.

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SARMS S-4 increases the muscle mass of the body and increases fat loss as well. Among the needs of a person who is body building are the increase of the mass in the body and the reduction of the fat molecules and the replacement of these fat molecules with lean muscle. When the muscle mass increases, so will the strength of these muscles increase and this will mean a better output in any physical activity. SARMS S-4 also increases bone density and improves the bone mass of the users even though it is not a traditional steroid. SARMS S-4 has the advantage of not being liver toxic like many others oral steroids of its kind. Most oral steroids are liver toxic because they have been modified to pass through the liver without being ingested and destroyed. The dosages of SARMS S-4 need to be regulated and is available at 30ml, and 50ml doses. Do not take more than 50ml for more than 4 weeks at any one time. Taking too much of SARMS S-4 for longer than expected will lead to a lot of problems with side effects, like acne, premature balding and gynecomastia.