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SARMS S-4 has brought a lot of controversy in the world of steroids, and rightly so. This is not exactly a steroid but then again it is one of the additions that many anabolic steroid users have in their collection of steroids. Since it is not a steroid, it can be referred to as a bridging compound; an enhancer of sorts. It has tens of applications in the world of steroids and its main work as a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator is to target androgen receptors and to make them beneficial in your muscle building efforts. It regulates the side effects of androgenic steroids bringing out only the positive effects of using androgenic steroids.

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What are the effects of using Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators like this? Is there a catch to having a lot of SARMS in your body? SARMS S-4 does not work like many steroids and is mainly used for bridging given that it is taken in the right dosage (the maintenance of the same as after the use of a steroid until the next cycle can begin); SARMS S-4 will not have any side effects. A typical SARMS S-4 I cycle uses 50ml per day. This dosage needs never to be used for more than several months at any one time to prevent the side effects that come with using a lot of SARMS S-4. When using SARMS S-4 during a bridging phase, you may have to use it alongside some natural supplements to prevent the suppression of natural hormone production by the body. Once you are through with the use of SARMS S-4, you may need to use some supplements to get your body back to baseline. SARMS S-4 has the advantage of not having any side effects of aromatization and other estrogen related conditions like gynecomastia, virilization, acne and premature balding.